Automotive Air Conditioning Servicing & Repairs

All Haul Transport repair, service and maintain all automotive air conditioning systems on trucks, cars, 4×4, bus, motor home and all other automotive air-conditioning applications.

All Haul Transport have a purpose built automotive air conditioning workshop located at Bennett’s Green Lake Macquarie Newcastle. All Haul Transport team of highly trained automotive air conditioning specialists are able to quickly diagnose, repair or service your automotive air conditioning system on site or at our modern workshop.

Car & Truck Air Conditioning Services & Repairs

  • Automotive air Conditioning System Service and Repair
  • New automotive air conditioning installation and service
  • Automotive air conditioning hose repair and remanufacture
  • Automotive air Conditioning – Diagnosis, Repairs, Servicing & Onsite Parts Supply
  • Automotive Car air conditioning system service and repair
  • Truck air conditioning system service and repair
  • Motorhome air conditioning system service and repair
  • Automotive air conditioning drive belt adjustment
  • Automotive air conditioning re-gas
  • Automotive air conditioning Refrigerant leak detection with an electronic leak detector and repair
  • Automotive air conditioning inspection of drive belts and pulleys
  • Automotive air conditioning check operation of valves and thermostats
  • Automotive air conditioning condenser temperature check

All Haul Transport recommend regular air conditioning system servicing to keep your air conditioning system working at its best. Car air conditioners are great as they work in summer to cool you down and in winter remove the humidity so you can see through the windscreen better.

All Haul Transport advise you to run your car air conditioning system in winter to maintain optimum performance from your car air conditioning system. Car air conditioning systems are complex systems with hoses and seals that can dry out affecting the performance of your car air conditioning system.

All Haul Transport will analyse your car air condition system as to find any faults or gas leakage with their 50 point check list covering items such as seals, hoses, belts, etc. 

Environmental Safety

The refrigerant gas we use in your car air conditioning system is bad for the environment if it is able to escape the car air conditioning system. All Haul Transport collects all refrigerant gas saving it from entering the earths atmosphere and recycles or destroys the refrigerant gas.

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Looking for Automotive Air Conditioning Servicing & Repairs?

If your automotive air-conditioning system isn’t cooling properly or needs a re-gas or service call the team at All Haul Transport located at Bennett’s Green, Lake Macquarie, and Newcastle. They can fix your automotive air conditioning system.