Authorised Inspection Station (HVAIS, ASCIS, AUVIS)

Authorised RMS Inspection Station (HVAIS / ASCIS / AUVIS)

All Haul Transport carry out inspections on all vehicles including “brown slips, pink slips and blue slips”. 

These inspections are required to establish registration of your vehicle that is not registered in NSW, for registration renewal or to clear defect notices. 

All inspection certificates are lodged electronically online so you can pay for and renew your vehicle registration immediately.

Heavy Vehicles Include:

Heavy Vehicle Authorized Inspection Station (HVAIS)

Truck owners should ensure that their heavy vehicle is comprehensively serviced, maintained, and roadworthy at all times.

An RMS HVAIS inspection is an examination carried out by authorised Roads and Maritime Services’ vehicle inspectors which includes a mechanical and visual assessment. The inspection is covered by guidelines established for Authorised Inspection Stations and the Road Transport (Vehicle Registration) Regulation 2007.

Heavy Vehicle Authorized Inspection Station (HVAIS)

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